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9 Unique Headstone Designs that Will Inspire You

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Urns are often used to hold cremated remains, but they aren’t the only option. Headstones are available in many different styles and materials, such as granite or bronze and they can be personalized to reflect your loved one’s personality.

Unique Headstone Designs that Will Inspire You

There are many ways to design a headstone, and each has its own benefits. One popular choice is to use a simple stone slab with a picture engraved. Another option is to use a more elaborate monument, such as a statue or a tombstone. If you prefer something more modern, consider using a 3D model of your loved one’s face instead of a traditional photo.

The Starfish Headstone Design

This unique headstone design features a starfish shape made out of stones. Artist David Peebles designed it, and he says that it symbolizes “the beauty of life and death.”

The Flower Garden Headstone Design

If you’re looking for a unique headstone design, you might consider using one of these flower garden designs. They’re beautiful and will help you pay tribute to your loved one while honoring them at the same time.

The Heart Headstone Design

If you’re looking for something more unique than traditional headstones, consider using a heart as a memorial. Hearts are often used to represent love, affection, and friendship. They’re also a symbol of life and death.

Upright Headstones

Upright headstones are the most traditional design and are composed of two parts: the base and the die (also known as the tablet). The die is a slab of stone that sits on top of the base and contains the deceased’s name and other information.

Upright headstones typically feature the information for an individual (single upright headstone) or two individuals (companion upright headstone). The die/tablet for a traditional upright headstone is vertical in the front and back.

The most popular top is the serpentine top but other popular top finishes include rooftop, oval top, flat top, and corner rounds.

Slant Headstones

Slant headstones are very similar to upright headstones with a few exceptions. Slant headstones are vertical in the back but slanted in the front, giving the bottom of the die a more stocky shape. Because of this, a base is not required on slant gravestones in order to make them sturdy. However, bases for slant headstones are still very much desired.

Slant headstones can be made for an individual (single slant headstone) or two individuals (companion slant headstone).

Flat Headstones & Bevel Headstones

As the name suggests, flat headstones are level with the ground. Flat headstones can be set flush (completely level) with the ground or set raised (1-4”). Flat markers are rectangular in shape and usually 4 inches thick.

bevel headstone is raised slightly higher in the back than in the front, giving a stone a slight slope. Bevel headstones are thicker than flat headstones at 6 inches thick.

Flat headstones can be made for an individual (single flat headstone) or two individuals (companion flat headstone). 

Bench Headstones

Bench headstones have been used not only in cemeteries as grave markers but in public areas as well. They offer a nice place to sit and reflect on loved ones and their beautiful surroundings.

Bench monuments range in length but the most common lengths are 36”, 48”, and 60”.

There are many different types of monument benches. Below is a list of the most common types of benches.

Wing Headstones

Wing headstones consist of two “wings” (die or tablets) on a base that is separated by a pedestal (or plinth) supporting a vase. The plinth typically displays the family name while the two wings display the individual names. It is also common for the base to display the family name and the plinth to display children’s names, marriage dates,s or an epitaph.

It is also common for wing monuments to feature a larger die or tablet instead of a pedestal or plinth. The larger die (center die) sits in between the two smaller wings.

Children’s Headstones

Commemorating the all-too-brief life of an infant or child is not easy. There’s a wide array of headstone designs like toys, angels, teddy bears, musical instruments, etc. that become visual reminders of their legacy.

Children’s headstones often range from flat headstones and markers to headstones shaped like animals, blocks, or toys. Below are some popular options.

Final Words

Hope so you understand what type of gravestone you should select for the loved one, who now waiting for you to express your love to them.

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