Monuments of the South

These Are Our

Custom Monuments Services

We offer custom monument services in Shreveport, City in Louisiana. Get the best quality cemetery, headstones, civic/ community projects, yard boulders, memorial restoration, and re-leveling on demand with personalizations. 
Our monument price includes design, lettering, delivery, and installation for your loved ones.


(Granite, Marble, Bronze)

We specialize in custom monuments services, helping to memorialize your lost loved ones, as well-as helping to prepare preneed headstones so the task isn’t left to mourning family.

Every life is unique, and we believe a headstone should represent that. We start by getting to know you and the memories you have, and then piece these things together to create something beautiful.

Meet with a professional designer for a free consultation to choose a stone and design a one-of-a-kind gravestone headstones, double headstone with vase, monuments headstones at affordable rates.

We also provide headstone engraving on site to facilitate you.



We  provide services for special projects. We can bring to life that exceptional piece that will make you memorable. We have created fraternity chapter letters, monuments honoring the military, subdivision entrance gate signs, to things as small as fundraiser bricks for schools. We love being a part of the community and look forward to helping you with your project design.



We have partnered with a local company to provide unique boulders to set your yard apart from the rest. Boulders can be used as address markers, display your family name, camp/lake house signs, or anything else you can imagine. We offer a free consultation to choose the right size and design for your boulder. We have a variety of Boulders from landscape boulders to multiple custom boulders. Visit our portfolio page..! 


Memorial Restoration and

We specialize in restoring aged memorials to make them look like new. We offer re-leveling services for those aged headstones that are no longer level or set properly. It is important when hiring a company to restore a monument to know they are knowledgeable and will respect the history the stone holds. We take all precautions when handling each and every stone to make sure the integrity of the grave marker is honored.