Monuments of the South


About Mausoleums

Mausoleums is free-standing, above ground building, people who opt for mausoleums are ones who usually do not prefer to be buried underground. In a mausoleums families can be buried together in separate crypts. To commemorate the life of your loved ones and to cherish them even after their passing, building a mausoleum for them is not only a grand gesture of love but also creates a personal heritage site.

We use granite to make mausoleum, as not only its everlasting but also give beautiful outlook. As its not just for one person, thus the cost for making is more of an investment.

We do not compromise in quality and offer finest craftsman for creating a spectacular mausoleum for your beloved. Each style of mausoleums varies in cost and its construction is like building a house. If you opt for building a mausoleum, then you have a variety to choose from, not only in terms of size and color but also in style of construction.

Options Available For Personalization

  • Family name, crest and inscription engravings.

  • Bronze doors and bronze plates for crypts.

  • Stairs, statuary, benches, altars, kneelers for prayer, stained glass on windows.

  • Crested or flat roof.

  • Smooth or corrugated columns with ridges.

  • Sigil with intricate designs can be added on column.

Why Choose Us?

After you have identified your requirements, we will be sharing sketches before finalization. On an average it takes around six months in the construction to completion of a mausoleum. We build mausoleum as per the specifications provided, thus its completely personalized. It is ensured the finest material used in the construction of mausoleum, so that it could withstand the wear and tear of the years to come. Apart from styling personalization, various colors of the granite are available, that will be used in the construction of mausoleum. The available granite colors are:

Another customization which can be made to the Mausoleums, is that we offer mausoleums with both single and double crypts. If you are looking for personalized mausoleum, with shrine ambience then you can opt for the one with single crypt. Depending upon our customer the preference either single or double crypts can be made included in the mausoleum. You can also opt to be buried with your loved ones. Family mausoleum with double crypts, is more affordable option for families looking to create their heritage site.