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Personalized Memorial Benches Available in Granite & Bronze

Memorial bench designs are an important part of memorial services. They help people remember loved ones who have passed away. Benches that allow people to leave messages for those who pass on.
You can also use a photograph of the deceased as a memorial bench design. This will help people remember the deceased when they visit the site where the bench is located.

About Memorial Benches

Memorial benches are one of the most community-friendly ways to honor one’s loved ones, as through them you are commemorating their memory and benefiting the community.

No matter where you choose to place it, either in a public or private area, they are bound to gather attention. We have a variety of styles, from which you can choose from. You can opt for either of the given types of benches, which can be personalized as per your desire.

We specialize in making granite settle. It is one of the classic styles of settlement as they easily blend in any setting and place. Granite benches have been opted for memorial purposes for ages. There is a selection of colors available to choose from. We can add personalized effects to it, as per your liking.


Styles For Memorial Benches

We make various styles of settles, which you can choose from our selection:

Straight Bench

We make classic straight granite settles whose color can be customized to the variety of granites we have. It’s a plain granite plank with sturdy foundation.

Like the name suggests, these are simple straight benches with granite plank. These can be customized to the color preference of the granite you choose.

Curved Bench

You can opt for a curved-style bench if you want to give a twist to a standard settle. It has curved sides and is not entirely flat.

100% monument-grade granite, standard engraving price!

Moreover, these can be personalized to the color preference of the granite you choose.

Park Bench

Memorial benches can be made like a park benches. This will have back support with a complete granite foundation and body.

Couch Bench

Couch benches are fairly uncommon, and are a new popular choice. As the name suggests, these settles look like couches but are made completely out of granite.

Cremation Bench

Cremation benches are made with the specification of making urn part of bench. We offer them in various styles:

  1. Cremation Panel Bench
  2. Cremation Boulder Bench
  3. Cremation Heart Bench
  4. Cremation Pedestal Bench
This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Quality Guarantee

We use top grade materials that will stand the test of time. Monuments of the South stands behind our stones with 100% warranty against any defects.

Affordable Pricing

We are proud to be able to offer wholesale prices. Let us create the memorial bench your loved one deserves.

In-House Financing

You don’t have to wait to begin the process of choosing the perfect memorial bench. Let us ease the pressure with affordable pricing and in-house financing.

Why We Are the Best?

All our benches can either be left in their finished condition or can be personalized, by incorporating remembrance of any sort. Most families prefer to personalize the settles with the information of the departed or by adding any other meaningful information.

From color to size, our memorial settles can be customized to represent your affection for your loved ones. We offer the finest craftsmanship and quality; even with prolonged and harsh usage our settles do not lose their beauty and are great commemorative furniture.