Monuments of the South


Memorial Portraits

About Memorial Portraits

Amongst our services, we also provide memorial portraits which are affixed to the headstones.

As they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

However, you can choose as per your preference, whichever seems best compatible with the headstone that you have chosen for your loved ones. You select the memory you want to be visually displayed, and we deliver it.

Pictures are a great reminder of the times that have gone by. Therefore, memorial portraits provide a unique manner of remembering your loved ones.

Each time you will be visiting the graveyard, there would be a refreshing reminder of your loved ones.

Which gives a sense of their presence, and helps encapsulate the cherished memory of your departed loved ones.

Furthermore, our memorial portraits can be customized in correspondence to the headstone.

We provide Funeral Portraits Tributes in ceramic and as well as in stainless steel.

You can also choose whether to have a colorful portrait or classic black & white.

They are easily adjustable with respect to the headstones; all you have to just pick the material and design.

We aim to make your loved one’s memorial portrait as spectacular as they were.

We strive that our memorial portraits bring you joy and preserve a happy memory of your departed loved ones, thus creating a legacy for future generations.

Our portraits are made from high-quality supplies and will not deteriorate or fade.

You have to just choose the picture of your loved one, and we will regenerate it on the portrait, making it lustrous and glorious.

If you want any changes that you want to include in the memorial portrait of your loved ones, then, personalization can be done to make the memorial portrait as perfect as you want.


Why Choose Memorial Portraits?

  • Monuments of the South Cemeteries Memorial Portrait will make your loved one’s memorial as unique as they were. Our portraits evoke happy memories and contribute to the preservation of your loved one’ legacy for future generations.

  • Any photo can be used and people can be taken out of photos if you wish. Your loved one will be added to our memorial background.

  • A Memorial Portrait of your loved one surrounded by a beautiful bronze frame will offer you the opportunity to remain even closer to your loved ones each and every time you visit their crypt or niche.

Why Choose Us?

Only portraits made of materials that meet our high quality standards, will be allowed. All portraits must be attached to one of our custom designed frames and mounted in specific, predetermined locations by our cemetery personnel.

To order a portrait for one of your loved ones, simply stop in the cemetery office with a photo and complete the order with one of our Service Representatives. All Memorial Portraits ordered through the Catholic Cemeteries will include the portrait, the custom designed bronze frame, the setting of the portrait on your crypt or niche, and a lifetime guarantee. Pricing for Memorial Portraits is $375.00 for Crypts and $350.00 for Niches.


Catholic Cemeteries Memorial Portraits are guaranteed against defects in quality and craftsmanship for the lifetime of the memorial to which they are attached. and will not fade or deteriorate. The Memorial Portrait will be replaced free of charge if you ever have a problem with defects in quality or craftsmanship.

Only authorized Memorial Portraits purchased through and installed by the Catholic Cemeteries may be installed. Our portraits are made of high-quality materials, guaranteed to last, and will not damage the granite. Please do not tape, attach or affix any other objects or decorations to the fronts of shared family memorials, crypts, niches, or cremation garden products.